What is Immunefi?

Web3's leading bug bounty platform, protecting $70 billion in user funds

The problem

In 2021, criminal hackers stole approximately $3.2 billion in cryptocurrency, six times more than they made off with in 2020, according to Chainalysis. That year included six hacks of at least $100 million stolen and dozens of smaller hacks involving tens of millions.
Disasturous consequences
Project annihilation
Funds stolen
Irreparable reputational damage
Token price collapse
Months / years of your time down the drain in a single moment
It's not IF but WHEN

Bug bounties to the rescue

A bug bounty is an invitation from your project to security researchers that if they find a bug in your code, they’ll be paid a reward for responsibly disclosing it. Bug bounties are ongoing, decentralized code reviews of smart contracts from anyone in the crypto community. 
$40+ billion dollars saved
$70+ million in bounties paid out
370+ valid critical bug reports
Protecting $60 billion TVL over 300 projects
10,000+ security researchers including a highly-vetted elite squad
Bug bounty programs are hard to draft and operate
Hackers trust third party platforms more
User moderation - we deal with bad actors for you
Secure responsible disclosure platform

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